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Package 4 - 399

Package 4 is a straight-forward ecommerce site.

It is built using a content management system such as Drupal and will be supported by a database. This means that all your products, prices and availability will be listed within the database.

A database is specifically used for 'organisation' of data, and that data can be 'searched'. For example, if you have a lot of products, a user may search for a particular product, then only those products appear.

Say for example you are a seller of Tin Signs. You will have lots of Tin Signs for sale. They will be of many different sizes, colours and the content will be different, for example they may be Tin Signs advertising Cakes from the 1930's, this type of sign will likely be used in a Kitchen, then there are 'Don't Park Here' signs that will be used by parking spaces, or outside. So the signs can be entered into the database by their use, ie which room, or outside, which area. They can also be listed by size, colour, content, ie Street Signs like 'Lambeth Walk' and so on...

Therefore, putting all of the products into a database means that if you want to see 'All Signs' then you will get them all, whereas if you are looking for a sign for the Kitchen that has an image of cakes in it, then you can search for that, provided that type of data has been entered to the database..

Therefore an ecommerce site is made up of three things, product listings, a shopping cart for people to add products, and a payment facility.

We've discussed the product listings, the shopping cart is a standard add on, so that a user can 'add' items to their shopping cart, and review them and remove them, or add more. The payment facility can be a simple payment facility like Paypal, or if you have more than 300 transactions a month, then you can use a service such as Sagepay, alternatively you can have a Merchant Account provided, if you don't have one already, from your bank. Merchant Accounts are the type of account where a trader has a card processing unit, and people can pay be card with their pin number, such as is seen in any local supermarket.

There are some extra costs that can be incurred for an ecommerce site, but the most basic is priced as above. Additions will be if you have a Merchant Account, you will need Web Security Payment Certificate. These can be rented, along with hosting from companies say, 1 & 1 Hosting, for about 10 per month plus VAT.

Also if you have a lot of products, or need a lot more intricate work on the database element, then the price will increase.

For a comprehensive ecommerce website we would expect you to pay no more than 1,000.

You will be able to have a website that will have a Home Page, About Page, Products Page, Services Page and Contact Us Page.

The Home Page will welcome people to your site and detail what your company offers. This page is important, it's like the 'shop window' of your company and Google sees it that way too, so it's important to get the information right for your user, and the technology right for Google

The About Us page is more relaxed, and will detail who, what, why, when, how, for example who you are, what you do, how long you have been working as an trader, and so on.

The Products page would list the products that you sell.

Services Page, will list any service you provide, for example if you are a trader selling watches, you may offer a repair service, and so on...

The Contact Us page will show your name, address, postcode together with a Google Map, and list your telephone numbers, any Facebook or Twitter link, together with your opening hours

If you have a shop, or commercial premises we can also place an image of that on the Contact Us page

It may help to read about Package 1 if you do not have a website at all, as this explains about web hosting, domain name and email address.

Package 3 will tell you a little more about databases.