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Website Design Packages

We cater for all types of website design projects from home business to medium sized companies. Whether you want a brochure website, an ecommerce website, a site to act as a business card or indeed a custom built site, we can provide the solution to fit your budget.

Your site will need to be found on the web - we hand code sites to create:

  • the fastest possible display of your site so that Google Search may return your site above other sites with a similar ranking because your site will have a faster speed;
  • sites that comply with Web standards - sites that don't comply are penalised in Search results;
  • tags within the code to aid Google Search in identifying what your site is 'selling'.

We provide a regular email report to you showing Google Analytics of your site.

With a range of experience in computer programming, web layout, multimedia services and graphics, we are able to produce high quality and visually engaging websites.

Whether you want a low-cost one-page website design, a business website, copywriting or help with Search Engine Optimisation we are able to assist with one of our packages or a custom-built package designed specifically to meet your requirements.

Our aim is to provide small business with a low cost, efficient, fast website solution to 'get you started!'

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a science in itself. It requires your website to be correctly designed, and for the content to meet both needs of your user and Google Search Engine.

It is also rated by Google as to how popular your site is, or how popular sites that link to your site are.

Google applies an algorithm to websites to 'rate' them and categorise your website.

People pay £,000's every month to SEO Engineers to keep their site up, or near the top of Google Organic Search results.

SEO Engineers work hard to understand the Google algorithm, running various test websites, and tailor websites to meet the requirements of the Google algorithm and the requirements of the user (which should be identical). The algorithm is updated by Google on a regular basis with a view to improving the quality of the search results. This can sometimes cause good websites to 'drop down' the ratings.

Duplicate content is penalised, so is dated, or old content, which is why SEO Engineers recommend a website has a blog so that it can be updated with fresh content from time to time. However, Google like a website to have lots of content, therefore dated, but relevant and fresh and new content appears to be the best solution.

Social Media, such as Twitter and Facebook, play a part in Google ranking as well.

We provide a good quality SEO service ourselves, and can refer you to a specialist company that charges several thousand pounds per month to optimise your site, however there are no guarantees that your site will reach the first page, or the top of the Google search results.

Web Hosting

We can provide you with web hosting space for your website. The cost ranges from a budget deal of £10 per month, through to £35 per month, depending upon your requirement for bandwidth, disc space, email support and databases.

Domain Names

Try 1&1's Internet Service to see if the domain name you would like for your website is available. The check will take a few seconds, and opens in a new window...